Quilting is a metaphor for creating and assembling your life’s unique tapestry. Read what clients have to say about Life’s Quilt Coaching…



Working with Cheryl has provided me with the professional insight that I was missing in order to really stretch myself and grow.  It has been so helpful to leverage my ability to think at a strategic level as I work at advancing my career. I can be sure of one thing, confident people are better employees and do an overall better job.  When you do well people notice and that will get you ahead in achieving your overall career goals.  Cheryl’s coaching has been a component of the success I have seen in my career in the past year. It’s about peeling back the layers of your career during the coaching process and getting from here to where you want to be.”

— Senior Manager,  Human Capital Corporation



I am extremely fortunate to be working with Cheryl. Cheryl is honest, forthright and incredibly skilled in her ability to coach and lead.  I have risen to heights I have never experienced and attribute this to Cheryl’s commitment and passion to help people evolve and excel.”

HR Manager, Retail Corporation