Cheryl Compton: My Vision for Working with You

Cheryl Compton: My Vision for Working with You

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I dreamt of seeing the world and helping people achieve their potential.

My work in education, personal development and staffing, along with my travels and living in Egypt have brought me to coaching.

As I continue to explore my passions, I want to work with individuals to pursue their passions and achieve their personal goals.

As a quilter, I see the design and creation of a quilt block – then assembled to a quilt as a metaphor for how we build the blocks of our life and assemble them into our unique life’s quilt pattern.

I started quilting when my niece brought me a suitcase full of t-shirts and asked if I could create a memory quilt.  Never did I imagine that simple request would lead to my passion for quilting, and, as part of that journey – coaching as well.  The creative outlet which quilting provides, along with the special plan for each quilt as it is designed, all come together as part of building my own life’s quilt.

Lifes Quilt Coaching

Identify your passions and build your life’s quilt with purpose!

My wish is that people identify and live their life of personal passions and personal choice.  That YOU are void of  “shoulds” or expectations of others.  That each day, YOU are at peace with where YOU ARE TODAY.  Each day, YOU anticipate light and personal joy of the day and are able to share that with others.

As I transition through the chapters of my life and create my personal life quilt – I want to work with individuals who also experience life changes and want to create their own life quilt.

Your personal life quilt includes designs of relationships, work, accomplishments, challenges, and most of all, personal passions.  As you move through the chapters of your life, you build your unique quilt.  I want to work with you to design and create your life quilt to include personal passions, talents and dreams.

I am passionate about LISTENING TO YOU – hearing the message that is layered beneath the words being spoken.

Lifes Quilt Coaching

I am also passionate about DIVERSITY.  I love diversity in art, culture, food, music, people – yet love to see the commonalities in people and common threads across diverse cultures.

My key life experiences include being a: parent, wife, daughter, teacher, student, vocational education researcher, educational consultant, Iowa farm girl, resident of a 3rd world country and senior leader for a billion dollar staffing company.

My coaching draws from all of these experiences which have created my personal life quilt.

Coaching gives me the energy and freedom to pursue my personal passions of learning something new every day — travel, cooking, quilting, yoga and playing the piano.

To learn more about how Life’s Quilt Coaching has benefited others, please visit my Testimonials Page.