Career Transition – Identifying your next career chapter

Career Transition – Identifying your next career chapter

Are you working in a job that is NOT your personal passion?

Are you unemployed and ready to create a plan to obtain the work of your dreams?

I have had careers as a teacher, educational consultant, and staffing executive.  Career transitions became a part of my life when I finished a degree, moved for my spouse’s career, and was laid off.   Being “unemployed” created personal feelings of uncertainty, low self esteem and yet a sense that there was always something brighter as my “next career chapter.”  As a staffing executive, I participated in employing hundreds of people, but when I was without a job – it felt different.

Each of my career transitions has led me to a new chapter that has integrated the previous blocks of my life quilt into my personal quilt of today.  How does a Home Ec Teacher with a PhD become a Staffing Executive and then a quilter and career coach?  It wasn’t a straight road. My life wheel created a bit of a bumpy ride at times, but it has come together to where I am today.

I want to work with you to find the next career chapter which is right for you.  As your coach, we will revise your resume and create a specific plan to identify the career you want and where to pursue that career.  We will create a personal marketing plan and set goals so you are able to engage in that career within the time line you establish.